Brainard Consulting provides executive coaching and organizational consulting to help leaders and teams overcome barriers to performance, and discover ways to work smarter, accomplish more, and feel good doing it.

Thriving at work means leaving the office with a sense of accomplishment. You feel great about the work you’re doing and grateful for the colleagues you’re doing it with. It means being able to go home and say, “Today was a great day.”

Successful organizations provide a workplace where people can be at their best with:

  • shared purpose and mission.
  • courageous leaders who inspire others.
  • a "can-do" culture of trust and respect.
  • an organizational structure that is flexible and resilient.

How do you feel at the end of your typical workday? Are you feeling good or are you exhausted and stressed out? Are you thriving or just surviving?

Harness the power of your organization to create a healthy, high performing culture where a typical day is “another great day.”

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"Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it! You were so helpful and helped me see things and think of things I’d never have thought of on my own." - Retail Business Owner