Carol A. Brainard, MBA, PCC

Executive Coach and Consultant

I believe in the power of conversation to help leaders and teams create an environment where people are trusted, respected, and successful. In other words, a workplace where people thrive.

Since the beginning of my career, my work has involved helping people to communicate more effectively. In my early years in marketing database technology, I saw firsthand the challenge of negotiating marketing needs and technology solutions top-down with little discussion of organizational impact.

In 1984, I founded Brainard Consulting, LLC to focus on helping organizations include broad-based collaboration in change and improvement initiatives. Projects included global expansions, new product launches, capacity-building, and business process re-engineering.

In the early 2000s, I became a certified executive coach with the goal of increasing my effectiveness in guiding leaders through organizational change. While I thought I was simply adding to my professional toolbox, I discovered that coaching is my best way of helping people grow and change.

Today, my passion is working with organizations committed to having an impact on society. My experience includes a wide range of corporate, non-profit, government and public sector organizations, with emphasis in recent years on social justice and K-12 public education reform.

These high stakes settings often create high stress. When tensions are high, people cannot perform at their best. As an executive coach, I work with people to better understand themselves and others, helping them be at their best, and able to create a more healthy, sustainable working environment.

"My mission is to help organizations achieve exceptional standards for customer satisfaction and product/service quality in a healthy and rewarding work environment, and to help individuals realize their full potential for creating positive change."

- Carol Brainard

Qualifications & Associations

  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation
  • Certified in Conversational Intelligence®
  • Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner
  • Past President of the Triangle Organization Development Network
  • Executive Coach for the Broad Residency in Urban Education
  • NCSU Business Coaching Certificate Program Faculty

“Carol is more informed and up-to-date about developments in my industry than any other professional with whom I’ve worked. Her depth and breadth of knowledge are astounding. In addition to her unfaltering competence, I enjoy working with Carol because of her direct style, compassionate nature, and sense of humor."

- Colleague, Executive Coach and Consultant