Organizations thrive when they have a can-do culture where people engage in powerful conversations to build community and strive for continuous improvement.

"Carol understands how people adapt to change—the human side of business performance improvement." 

- Marketing Consultant

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Can-Do Culture

A healthy culture is one where people are mission-driven—motivated and inspired by their common goals.

An organization’s culture is strong when the relationships within it are strong. In a culture built on trust and respect, people feel included, heard, and appreciated. They value their own and each other’s contribution to the organization’s overall success.

In a culture where individuals and teams thrive, connection and empathy are valued and differing viewpoints are not only tolerated, they are encouraged and integrated into the organizational ethos.

A strong, healthy culture is rarely accidental. It emerges from an intentional effort to engage in conversations that explore the aspirations, attitudes, values, and beliefs of all. The goal is agreement on a set of shared norms and behaviors. The result is a working community that brings out the best in everyone and thus, best serves the organization’s mission.

In today’s world of continual change, ensuring that the culture is evolving to keep pace is an ongoing process. A sure sign of trouble is when people begin to describe the culture by what it lacks: trust, engagement, collaboration, accountability, and teamwork. If so, it is time to revisit an organization’s core questions and re-engage in the essential conversations that lead to positive change.

Trust is not a pre-requisite for effective conversations. It is a product of effective conversations.
— Craig Weber
  • Do we truly understand and agree on our mission?
  • Does the way we are working together help us pursue our shared goals?
  • Have we made it safe to be creative, to experiment and take risks?
  • Do we reach out to assist our teammates? Do we want everyone, not just self or some, to be successful?
  • Does our culture give us a sense of well-being? Do we feel trusted and appreciated?

Brainard Consulting will help you define (or redefine) the culture of your organization—to identify the values, norms and agreements that will push your organization toward success both internally and with those you serve.