Great teams share common purpose and well-defined norms. Roles and responsibilities are clear, and mutual accountability is not just a buzzword. It is a guidepost, steering the team’s everyday actions toward their mission.

Strong teams build relationships on a foundation of trust and respect with:

  • a genuine appreciation for diversity
  • a bias for cooperation over competition
  • willingness (and the skills) to engage in constructive conflict for maximum productivity and innovation

Most of all, teams need resilience and flexibility. Inevitably, challenges will arise that put even the best teams at risk. When this happens, team members must be able to work together to address issues quickly and directly. Team coaching can play an invaluable role in facilitating transformational conversations that enable the team to move forward.

Coaching can help:

“Her expertise about the nature of organizational relationships and organizational leadership was prescient.  Carol’s coaching style is clear, concise, and compassionate.”

- Director of Development, International Non-Profit Organization

  • new teams hit the ground running with well-defined norms and agreements.
  • cross-functional and virtual teams improve communication and collaboration.
  • teams in transition adjust to new leadership, new members, or changes in mission and responsibilities.
  • struggling teams press the reset button to get unstuck and rebuild trust.
  • senior leadership teams align and focus on strategic priorities.

What to expect in team coaching:

Typically team coaching includes a combination of activities:

  • Observing the team in action
  • Interviewing team members
  • Working with the team to identify needs and set objectives
  • Working with the team to establish the coaching approach—frequency, duration, topics to address, meeting formats, and schedules
  • Using individual and team assessments to provide additional perspective on team dynamics

"Working with Carol allowed me to identify the underlying factors that held my team (and me) back from reaching our full potential. Carol’s advice led to meaningful conversations with my team, my peers, and my executives."  

- Manager, IT Systems